Live Data Solutions

If you are experiencing issues updating or viewing live data on your iOS or Andriod device, there are some steps that you need to follow below:

Note: you must have the latest GameTraka mobile application for any units to display live data.

- Ensure you have left your devices on for 10 minute in an open sky environment (this can be done by leaving the device outside, it does not have to be on an athlete) so your units can acquire 'GPS fix'.

- Make sure you are within 10m of any device you wish to view live data from. 10m is the maximum distance that the device Bluetooth is capable of.

- Make sure the device is erased before you start a new performance.

- Ensure you have added each device to your GameTraka account. We recommend adding devices to your GameTraka account via the SPT Bridge (link).


Please refer to this article for a full list of commonly asked questions about live data streaming, 

Live Data Mode FAQ

My device is not connected to the Live Data GameTraka App?


Not all devices showing up?

This will vary depending on your mobile or tablet device. 


If any Live data issues occurred, please lodge a Support Ticket for assistance.