Live Data Mode FAQ

A device/s is not showing up in my app in live mode, what do I do?

Devices require 'GPS' fix before they will display live in the app. Ensure that you are in a clear unobstructed area (eg. sporting field) and let the device stay on for at least 15 minutes. Then when an athlete is within Bluetooth range (10 meters) the device/s will display live.

Note: You must update your GameTraka mobile application for any units to display live data.


Why was my live data slightly different when I uploaded it to GameTraka?

 Your SPT2 device only has a limited amount of processing power on board the unit. As such the results that you see in live data mode will differ slightly to uploaded data. To get the best results and gain deeper insights be sure to upload your device data to the GameTraka cloud via the SPT Bridge.

How to upload data via SPT Bridge (link)

GameTraka walk through (link).


Can I change which metrics appear via live mode?

No, currently you cannot change the metrics that are available via live mode.


What happens when a device leaves Bluetooth range?

If a device has been connected and then leaves Bluetooth range it will appear under your connected devices as 'Disconnected', displayed also will be timer that shows how long it has been since that devices was last in connection range.


What do I do if a device is not showing up?

 We have published an article that outlines what to do if a device is not displaying in live data mode. Please click here to read more detail.


Does the data in live data mode update automatically?

Yes, devices will automatically update data once a second. This means that when a device is in Bluetooth range you will see metrics updating in real time.


How many devices can I view at once whilst using live data mode?

This can vary due to specific devices being used.