Which Metrics Can I View Live?

Live Metrics in GameTraka Mobile App.



Work Rate (meters or yards/minute): Work Rate gives you an overall indication as to the intensity of the current session. Work Rate is displayed as meters per minute. 

Total Distance (meters or yards): Total distance is representative of the total volume of running (at all speeds) that an athlete has undertaken during a session. Total Distance in a live data use case can help coaches identify if their current session is matching up with planned session outputs for both individual athletes and full teams.

Zone 6 Distance (meters or yards): Zone 6 distance is the total volume of running that has occurred at a velocity greater than 21.6km/h or 13.2mp/h.

Sprint Efforts (count): Sprint Efforts is a count of the number of times an athlete reaches a speed of greater than 4.5 meters/ 4.9 yards per second and maintains that speed for at least 1 second. As with Zone 6 Distance, having an overall idea of the number of high velocity efforts that athletes have completed during a session can help coaches gain up to date insights in to the demands of their training drills and match play.  

Impacts (count): An impact is classified as a change in acceleration greater than 5.5g force. This is the equivalent of a moderate to high impact on an athlete.

Current Heart Rate (BPM): If you have paired a heart rate monitor to an SPT device, you will be able to view an athletes current heart rate via live data streaming. Current heart rate is displayed as beats per minute.

Note: You must update your GameTraka mobile application for any units to display live data.