How to pair your SPT2 device with a Heart Rate Monitor

Below is a step by step guide on how to pair your SPT2 device with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).

Please note that you need to ensure your SPT2 devices have been updated to the latest firmware before you can pair it with a HRM.

For instructions on how to update your SPT2 device firmware please click here.

STEP 1: Open SPT Bridge.

STEP 2:  Connect your SPT2 devices

Connect the SPT2 device/s you wish to pair with a HRM to your Charge Dock or Computer.

STEP 3: Select a device to Pair

Click on the device icon next to the device name.

On the right hand side of the device toolbar, click the 'Manage' button under Heart Monitor.


STEP 4: Activate your Heart Rate Monitor

Instructions on how to activate your Heart Rate monitor will appear on screen.

To activate your HRM and make it discoverable on your computer, you must touch both metal (buttons/sensors) on the HRM. 


When you touch both sensors with your thumbs, your Heart Rate device will appear under 'Other Monitors in Range' as shown below


STEP 5: Select your Heart Rate Monitor to Pair

Click on the device that appears under 'Other Monitors in Range'. In this example it is the TICKER X 9864.

When selected the Heart Rate Monitor will be highlighted in Yellow.

Click 'Done' to complete the pairing of the device. 


STEP 6: Pairing Complete!

You will be returned to the Bridge Home screen showing all your connected devices.

The device is now paired and ready to use with the correct SPT2 device.

To pair more devices, simply follow the same steps as above with your other SPT2 GPS devices.