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Step-by-Step Guide - Setting up your SPT Device (Team Managers/Coaches)

Note: If you have an existing Team and you want to set yourself as a new Manager, there is no need to make another Team Account. You just need to add yourself a Manager, please refer to this article here.
How to setup and use your SPT GPS Device as a Manager
1. Create your new GameTraka Account, please visit www.gametraka.com and follow the prompts.
  • Guidelines on the step-by-step procedure to create an account. Click here.

2. a. As a Team Manager, your next step is to create your team.

2. b. As a Team Manager, your next step is to add your athletes


3. Download SPT2 Bridge for Mac and/or Windows. 


                                         Install for Mac                   Install for Windows

4. Plug your SPT2 device/s into the SPT2 Bridge via the provided USB cord or your charge case.
5. Follow the prompts in the SPT2 Bridge to register each device to your GameTraka account.


6. Charge your device and then once fully charged, go outside and turn the device on. When using the device for the first time, ensure you leave the device on for 10-15 minutes in an open sky environment. Note: make sure the GNSS light (middle light) turns Green, indicating a strong signal has been established with the satellite.  
7. Record your performance and turn the device off. 
8. Once complete, plug your device/s into the SPT2 Bridge via the provided USB or charge case.
9. Follow the steps outlined in the SPT 2 Bridge to upload your performance data to GameTraka.
If you have any questions about this process, feel free to lodge a support ticket and our team would gladly assist.