Setting Up SPT GPS For Your School

Begin by getting all the students in the class to sign up to

After that create a team. Go to ’teams’ at the top of GameTraka, and then click ‘create team’ and you could label this team 'PE CLASS 1' eg. You should see on the left hand side something that says ‘invite players’, you then can pop the students emails in and they will get an email to join the team you have created. Or, alternatively you can give the students the 'Invite Code' to the team and they can put that code in when they are signing up to GameTraka. 

Here is our support page guide to both of these areas.

How do I create a team?
How do I add people to my team?

Then it is suggested nicknaming each device with a students name or a number, so that every time they are used they are either given to the same student or the teacher remembers that Device ‘1’ went to ‘Dave’, and Device '2' went to 'Sam'. This can be done manually by writing which number went to which student, in order to keep track that day/class. 

When you upload a devices data you can assign this data to the certain student who wore the device. To break this down, either done individually or using the dock, Bridge will create GPS data files for each device. These GPS data files will be named the nickname you have given them. So, when you go to upload 'Device 1' data file to GameTraka, you will have written down that Device 1 will need to be assigned to 'Dave', who is in the team 'PE CLASS 1', as explained above.

This is all done through the upload section of Bridge. Then, that student will be able to see their data when they log into their GameTraka. 
How to use the SPT2 Bridge (Online Mode)

Note: You have to be a 'manager' though to assign device data to a certain student. 

Add a team manager (administrator)