My computer tells me "No driver found" or "Driver not installed"

This support article is only relevant to Windows users. Mac users should never see this error message. 

Instructions to solve the following error for Windows version 7 to 8.1 can be found below. For instructions for Windows 10 please see the Windows 10 Driver Installation Instructions.

A USB driver is needed to use the GPS. The driver we use is a default Windows driver, which is installed on all versions of Windows. On some computers though, the driver has been manually removed by an administrator or some other application.

Here are the steps to reinstall this driver:

  • Unplug your GPS from your computer
  • Download the installer here: GPS USB Drivers for Windows
  • Unzip the file you just downloaded (GPS USB Drivers for
  • Double click on the InstallDriver.exe file and follow the prompts
  • Restart your computer (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Turn the GPS device on, and then plug it in
  • Wait a couple of seconds, you should hear a beep to indicate the GPS is being installed
  • Once that is all done, you can open Bridge and use your SPT GPS.

Note: If the InstallDriver.exe file doesn't do the trick, try the installdrv64.exe file that is in the same GPS USB Drivers for Windows folder.

If the instructions enough are not enough to fix your problem, get help using your GPS here.