How to use the SPT2 Bridge (Offline Mode)


1. Login Page-

Enter your GameTraka credentials and click 'LOGIN'



2. Device List:

You will be presented with your 'Device List', these are all the devices that are registered to your GameTraka account.

If you have no devices plugged in to your computer, all devices from your account will appear under 'Disconnected Devices' as shown below.



Once you plug your devices in (if you are using a charge dock, be sure to turn the power on) they will appear under 'Connected Devices' as shown below.

To register any new devices to your GameTraka account, please follow this link to learn how.

SPT2 Bridge will automatically detect events that you have recorded. All detected events will appear in the right hand side of this page. SPT2 Bridge will automatically detect event date, time, duration and number of performances.


Once you have selected the performances you want to process, click 'NEXT' in the bottom right hand corner.

3. Events:

The events page will display all automatically detected events that are now ready for processing. Simply select any event you wish to process by pressing anywhere on the event square.


At this point, please click 'Disconnect' on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

All events that have been processed and are ready for download will be highlighted in yellow boxes.

Click 'TRANSFER' in the bottom right hand corner to download the GPS files on to your computer.




Your GPS files have now been downloaded to your computer and can be uploaded to the GameTraka cloud next time you are connected to the internet.