Help Connecting Devices

When devices are plugged in via USB and properly connected to your computer they will appear under 'Connected Devices' list.

Bridge - Recognised Devices

If a device is not appearing, this is usually because the device has not been pushed down firmly enough into the dock or there may be issues with your USB connection. 

If you are finding certain devices won't connect to Bridge, it is important to note that devices can indicate they are 'charging' even if they are not visible on Bridge at the same time.

Make sure you hear a positive 'click' to ensure the device has been connected. 

If some of your devices are still not connecting to the Bridge, please try these solutions:

  • Try another USB port on your computer 
  • Only use the USB cord provided with the SPT GPS device  (as some USB cords are for power only and do not allow for data transfer).
  • Make sure there are no obstructions inside of the device port 

Please also read our page on 'Using your SPT Charging Dock' for more information around connecting devices to your computer.