Using Your SPT Charging Dock

To Charge:

- Plug dock into a power source with AC/DC Power Pack.
- Insert USB Cable into the charge dock and connect to USB port of computer.
- Turn charge dock on via the power switch.
- Firmly insert SPT device/s into SPT USB Port/s. Blue battery LED on SPT device will light up indicating it is connected and charging.

To Download:

- Open the Bridge application on your computer.
- Find the bridge installer at SPT Help Support
- In Bridge, select download and the connected SPT devices will appear in the application window.
- When devices appear, select download and the data from the SPT devices will start to download. The SPT device LED’s will start a light up cycle when downloading.
- Once the SPT devices are successfully downloaded, it is advised to erase the data from the devices in bridge to maintain optimum recording performance.