Heart Rate Metrics

This page describes each heart rate metric in the GameTraka platform.

For specific instructions on how to view heart rate data please click this link.

Heart Rate Training Zones: 

Please follow this link to an in-depth article on heart rate training zones.

Average Heart Rate: 

The average Beats Per Minute (BPM) recorded for the duration of the performance.

Max Heart Rate:

The maximum Beats Per Minute (BPM) recorded for the duration of the performance.

This metric is different to your 'estimated maximum heart rate'. 

Max Heart Rate is the maximum BPM from the specific performance you are looking at.

Percent Red Zone:

The total percentage of time spent at above 90% of the estimated maximum heart rate.

Time in Red Zone represents the most intense periods of training or match play. The greater an athletes ability to tolerate these intense periods, the better prepared they will be for the demands of competition. 

Efficiency Index:

The relationship between external load (work rate) and internal load (heart rate).

- An athlete that has a low average heart rate (BPM) and covers a large running volume (meters) will have a greater Efficiency Index. 

- An athlete that has a higher average heart rate (BPM) whilst covering low volume of running (meters) will have a lower Efficiency Index.

For more information on Heart Rate training zones, please click here.