Heart Rate in Legacy GameTraka

For an explanation of each heart rate metric in GameTraka please take a look at the heart rate metrics page which can be found here.

If you want to learn more about how heart rate is used to monitor and plan athletic performance please follow this link.

It is extremely important that you set the correct date of birth in GameTraka for your athletes. If you do not then you will encounter inaccurate heart rate data. 

Dashboard Page:

The dashboard view will give you a longitudinal overview relating to heart rate data for a specific athlete.

The heart rate metrics that you can view and assess in relation to each performance are: Efficiency Index and Average Heart Rate.

There are two ways in which coaches and athletes can view and assess heart rate data in the dashboard view, the examples for both a graph view and a table view are displayed in the below.




Event Details Page:

The heart rate graph will display minute by minute data and what proportion of that minute was spent in one of the five heart rate training zones. The break down of the time an athlete has spent in each zone is displayed both visually and as a percentage of the total performance time. In the case of this bar graph, each interval represents 1 minute. The percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone is displayed by the portion of the color in each interval bar. The total of each bar is 100% which represents 60 seconds.

The visual display allows coaches to gain an overall view of a session and identify what intensity each portion of the session was played at. 

Along with the intervals graph which will give coaches a view of external loading undertaken by athletes during a session, the internal loading information that coaches can glean from heart rate data will help shed light on the specific demands of a whole session and elements/drills within a session. 

Note: If your heart rate is below 50% of your estimated maximum it will not display on the heart rate intervals graph.


As with the intervals graph, you can create a segment and view heart rate data specific to that segment in detail. The stacked percentage bar underneath your heart rate graph will also update to reflect the percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone for your selected segment.  



Team Event Page:

The team event page will allow coaches to view and compare the relative amount of time (as a percentage of the total performance time) in the Heart Rate 'Red Zone'. 

'Percentage Red Zone' can be viewed and compared on three separate views within a team event page.

Team Performances:


Compare Players:


Compare Events:


Understanding which athletes have spent more time above 90% of their maximum heart rate (Red Zone) for a session will allow coaches to compare similar athletes and how they respond to training. It will also give coaches the ability to understand which athletes in their squad have experienced higher internal loads for a session so they can plan adequate recovery between sessions.