Edit Speed Thresholds (Standard)

Walk, Jog, Run and Sprint metrics describe the total running volume you/an athlete has traveled while maintaining a certain speed threshold.

SPT have 4 preset thresholds, they are as follows:

  • Junior
  • Amateur
  • Elite
  • Zone 1-6

To learn more about setting custom speed thresholds for your teams and individual users, click here.

Managers and Individual users can view and edit team (or individual) speed thresholds by clicking on the ‘Settings’ cog and scrolling down the page to the ‘Speed Zones’ module. 

Speed Thresholds

Then select from one of either Junior, Amateur, Elite or Zones 1-6 in the drop down menu.

Speed Threshold - Save

Click 'Save"

Please note that once you click save, the GameTraka platform will need to run re-calculations on your data:

1. This will mean all of your historical data will be modified (please be sure this is something you want)

2. Pages on the GameTraka platform will take longer to load for a short time whilst re-calculations occur