Edit Speed Thresholds (Custom)

Premium Managers on Silver, Gold and Platinum Subscriptions (Custom Speed Thresholds)

GameTraka allows (premium) managers and individual users to set custom velocity thresholds for either 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 velocity zones. The number of zones and thresholds is fully configurable by the user and can be set on a TEAM level. 

It is worth noting that if you are the manager for multiple teams (with premium level subscription) you will be able to input a different set of speed thresholds of your choosing for each team you manage. 

Managers can view and edit team speed thresholds by clicking on the ‘Team Settings’ cog and scrolling down the page to the ‘Speed Zones’ module. 

Premium Individual Users:

Premium Individual users can set their own custom speed thresholds to view data uploaded under 'Personal Performances' or on their 'Personal Timeline'

It is worth noting that if you are an athlete within a team event viewing the data, the speed thresholds presented will be what the team is set to.

To set a threshold of each of zones 1-8, first select ‘custom’ from the drop down menu on the top left hand side of the dialogue. 

Personal Custom Speed Threshold

Then by setting the lower end of each zone you wish to use, the module will automatically populate each desired zone to include your custom threshold (as seen in the image below).

In this example, 8 zones have been set, so the ‘Sprint’ threshold is zones 7 & 8 and the ‘Hard Running’ threshold has been set to 16.2 km/h. 

Custom Speed Thresholds

'Sprint' Threshold:

For a 4, 5 or 6 zone system- the ‘Sprint’ threshold is always the top zone. Eg in a 5 zone system, sprint is zone 5. For a 7 zone system ‘sprint’ is classified as zones 6 & 7 and for an 8 zone system ‘sprint’ is classified as zones 7 & 8. 

'Hard Running' Threshold:

Managers also have the option to choose the ‘Hard Running’ threshold. This is done by editing the value in the hard running box on the top right hand side of the dialogue.

Custom Speed Thresholds - Hard Running Setting

Click 'Save"

Please note that once you click save, the GameTraka platform will need to run re-calculations on your data:

1. This will mean all of your historical data will be modified (please be sure this is something you want)

2. Pages on the GameTraka platform will take longer to load for a short time whilst re-calculations occur