Debugging Unusual Heart Rate Data

There may be several reasons that your Heart Rate device is giving you unusual readings.

It is extremely important that you set the correct date of birth in GameTraka for your athletes. If you do not then you will encounter inaccurate heart rate data. 

The list below touches on some key reasons as to why this may be occurring.

However, if you are still unsure, please contact the device manufacturer:

1. The heart rate strap which houses the electrodes to read your heart rate is not properly making contact with the skin. 

- Lightly wet the strap and electrodes to help conduct the electrical signal.

- Tighten the electrode strap.

- Properly adjust and make sure the strap is being worn as per manufacturer specifications.

2. Damage of a heart rate sensor.

3. Your receiving device (SPT2) is not with in range of the heart rate device. 

- Always wear your SPT2 device in an SPT GPS vest.

4. The battery on your heart rate device has low power.

5. You have paired the incorrect heart rate device with an SPT2 device.

- Make sure all of your device pairings match that of the devices each athlete is wearing. Follow this link for instructions on how to pair your heart rate device with your SPT2.