How to pair your SPT2 device with a Heart Rate Monitor

Below is a step by step guide on how to pair your SPT2 device with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).

1. Run SPT Bridge.

2. Plug in the device/s you wish to pair with a HRM.

3. Click on the device icon next to the device name.


4. On the right hand side of the device toolbar, click 'Manage' under Heart Monitor.


5. To activate your HRM and make it discoverable on your computer, you must touch both metal (buttons/sensors) on the HRM. Touch both sensors with your thumbs and the device will appear under 'Other Monitors in Range'.


6. Click on the device that appears under 'Other Monitors in Range'. In this example it is the TICKER X 9864.

7. The device is now paired and ready to use with the correct SPT2 device.


8. Click 'Done' to see that the device is now 'Paired'