How to pair your SPT2 device with a Heart Rate Monitor

Below is a step by step guide on how to pair your SPT2 device with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).

1. Run SPT Bridge.

2. Plug in the device/s you wish to pair with a HRM.

3. Click on the device icon next to the device name.

SPT Bridge - Dropdown

4. On the right hand side of the device toolbar, click 'Pairing' under Heart Monitor.

Heart Rate - Bridge Pairing

5. To activate your HRM and make it discoverable on your computer, you must touch both metal (buttons/sensors) on the HRM. Touch both sensors with your thumbs and the device will appear under 'Other Monitors in Range'.

Heart Rate - Pairing

6. Click on the device that appears under 'Other Monitors in Range' and select "Done". In this example it is the TICKR DF1D.

Heart Rate - Pairing Done

7. The device is now paired and ready to use with the correct SPT2 device.

Heart Rate - Paired