White Listing the SPT2 Bridge App

Some versions of firewall or anti-virus software may cause the SPT2 Bridge not to run as intended.

Below are instructions on how to "White List" the SPT2 Bridge in Windows Defender.

If you are running another piece of firewall or anti-virus software, please contact your software manufacturer for further instructions regarding white listing applications.


1. Open Windows Defender Firewall:

To do this:


2. On the left hand bar click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall

3. If SPT Bridge is in the list (see image below) this means the application will run with no issue, click OK


4. If the SPT Bridge is not in the list, click Allow another app.

5. Browse for the SPT Bridge (which is located on your desktop), see image below. And click Open


6. Click Add 

7. Click OK