What do the lights mean?

The list below shows the different functions of the lights on the new GPS unit. The lights from left to right are the Connectivity light, the GNSS light, and the Battery light.


GNSS Solid Green The GPS is recording
GNSS Solid Red The GPS is searching for more satellites
GNSS Flashes Green The GPS only has 50% of data left
GNSS Flashes Red The GPS is almost full of data
BATTERY Solid Green The power is on.
BATTERY Flashing Blue (USB CORD) The GPS is charging
BATTERY Flashing Green The GPS has less than 1 hours of battery life
CONNECTIVITY Solid Blue The GPS is transmitting interval data

The GPS is broadcasting bluetooth


Unusual lights behavior:

  • When the lights flash yellow at the same time when trying to turn on the device, then the device turns off - it means it is full or has no battery.
Recommendation is to charge the device until the battery light is solid blue and erase the device via the SPT Bridge.