What are some key metrics for team sport athletes?

Some key metrics to assess performance are following

Work Rate - You can get a snapshot of how an athlete's current weekly load (2D Load) compares to the average of their last 4 weeks. Depending on the volume of work athletes have undertaken for the current week, will dictate whether they may be falling under their required workload (red), completing an appropriate amount of work (yellow/green) or completing too much work (red). Click here to learn more about the Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio.

Hard Running Efforts - An athlete must maintain the hard running threshold of 4.5 m/s (or as defined in your settings) for longer than 1 second to register a hard running effort.

The ability to repeat hard running efforts can be a strong determinant of high level athletic performance.

Sprint Efforts (m) - The number of times throughout the duration of the performance that an athlete breaks a velocity of 6m/s (or as defined in your settings) and maintains that speed for longer than 1 second.

Regular exposure to sprint efforts is an important factor to consider when designing training sessions. Ensuring athletes are subjected to regular sprint efforts will decrease the likelihood of soft tissue injuries occurring at high speeds.