Tool Tips

Tool Tips relate to each element on a page you are viewing. For example, if you have selected a specific metric then the tool tip will relate to that metric. In the example below, the Total Distance tool tip is available on the top right hand side of the timeline as this is the selected metric being viewed.

Tool Tips - Chart

Use the Tool Tips to up skill yourself, you can learn more about metrics and software features. Each video explains the element in detail.

For detailed definitions and demos on how to use each Tool Tip or Metric, follow the appropriate link below:

- Event Cards

- Player Cards

- Total Distance

- Work Rate

- Hard Running Distance

- Hard Running Efforts

- Sprint Distance

- Top Speed

- Acceleration Efforts

- 2D Load

- 3D Load

- Exertion Index (Intensity)

- Team Tags

- Athlete Tags

- Event Tags