SPT Product Tutorials - now live!!

Due to popular demand, SPT has developed a series of video tutorials to explain how to use and get the most out of your SPT Products.

The tutorials are accessible through our newly launched SPT University which is accessible at https://university.sptgps.com/

The SPT Product Tutorials will take you through the following topics:

1. Using your GPS Device

2. Using Bridge to download and upload your data

3. Gametraka - the ins and outs of how to analyse your data

4. Gametraka App - how to set up and access your data on your smartphone (Android & iOS)

5. Virtual Sport Scientist (VSS) - how to get more insights by upgrading to VSS

6. Using your Charge Dock - A step by step explainer of how to use your charge Dock.



1. What languages are the tutorials available in?

At this stage the tutorials are only available in English. Additional languages will be added over time based on demand.

2. Is there a fee to access the video tutorials?

No - the tutorials are 100% free & accessible anytime.

3. What is the difference between the tutorials and your normal support page?

The product tutorial goes into more depth about your SPT products than our support page and cater for those people that would rather watch a video than read.