Performance Errors

Download Error: The performance could not be read or is corrupted.

What does this mean? The performance that is stored on your SPT2 device is not able to be used. 

How can I fix this error? Completely erase your device and/or perform a hard reset on your device (by holding the power button down on your device for 8 seconds, you will see all the lights flash when the reset is occurring).


Lodge a support request

No Data: The SPT device did not acquire an acceptable satellite fix.

What does this mean? SPT devices require a good quality GPS signal in order to log accurate performance data. In the case of this performance your device/s have had poor GPS signal and your device has not recorded the data needed to complete a performance.

Our software does its best to account for issues that may cause poor GPS signal connection. Areas that are close to several tall buildings or freeway overpasses can cause poor signal quality for any GPS device.

How do I fix this error? Turn your devices on in a clear outdoor environment and make sure they are on for at least 10 minutes before placing them inside athlete jerseys.