My device stopped recording for a few minutes during a game?

There are a few reasons why your device may stop recording or turn off during a game. The most common reasons and proposed solutions are:

1. Run of battery
  1. We recommend that you charge your device fully before engaging in a performance to be recorded. 
  2. When the battery light is solid blue, this indicates that the battery is fully charged.
2. Device is full
  1. Your device can stop recording if your device is full from previous performances. 
  2. The recommendation after each performance is to delete the performance from the device, once it has been uploaded to GameTraka via the SPT Bridge. 
3. Device was not connected to the satellite 

  1. Before your performance begins, the middle light on the device (GNSS light) must be solid Green. This indicates that the device has connected to the satellite and is recording data. 
  2. Please ensure that when the device is placed inside the SPT Vest, the SPT logo on the device is pointing away from the body and the logo is not upside down.

Note: If you see that GPS lose signal with the satellites when you upload your data to GameTraka, we suggest trimming out any areas of the performance where the device has lost signal.

For more information on how to trim a performance, please see the below link:

How to Trim Data (Individual)

It is important to note that it is normal for the device to lose signal occasionally. This is the nature of GPS.