Login Help

Upload Data directly to GameTraka (Online): When you open the Bridge you will be presented with a login screen. If you are connected to the internet and want to upload your SPT GPS data directly to GameTraka, type in your GameTraka email address and password to continue. 

If you have lost or cannot remember your password, click on 'Lost Password?' and follow the prompts to reset your GameTraka password. 

Download Data Only: If you want to download your download your SPT GPS data to upload at a later stage, click on 'Continue without login' on the bottom left of the screen.

My SPT2 Bridge will not login: If you are using the SPT2 Bridge on computers at your school or workplace, you may find that firewall and network settings prevent the SPT2 Bridge from logging in. If you do have this issue please select 'Continue without login' on the bottom left hand corner of your login screen.

Bridge - Continue without login - Updated