Installing SPT1 Bridge for Windows

Here's how you install Bridge:

Your SPT GPS is not a USB memory stick. To get GPS files from the device, and to erase the device you will need to install Bridge on your computer.

Here's how you install Bridge:

  1. Check your window version, if you are using Windows 10, skip this step. if you are using Window 7 or 8, you need to download driver spt2-driver-win7-8.exe. Then double click to install it.
  2. Download the installer here: Bridge Installer for Windows
  3. Open the installer (double click on it)
  4. A screen should appear that says Bridge is installing and will open when it is done
  5. When the installer finishes Bridge will open

You will now be able to use Bridge to download and remove data files from your SPT GPS. We've written a tutorial on how to use Bridge, this will teach you how to get data off your SPT GPS and how to remove old data from your SPT GPS.

You can also download and read the Bridge user manual.