Heart Rate Integrated Vest



Do I need a heart rate monitor to record heart rate data with an integrated vest?

Yes, you must plug a heart rate monitor in to the vest to be able to record heart rate data. 

The SPT heart rate integrated vest is specifically designed to house the Wahoo TICKR and TICKRX models.

Do I need to wear my heart rate integrated vest underneath my uniform?

Yes, the integrated vest houses two electrodes that sit on the chest of an athlete in order to detect the electrical impulse that a heart beat creates. The embedded electrodes in the vest need to be in contact with skin in order to work properly.

Can I machine wash my heart rate integrated vest?


The vest will maintain its integrity for at least 100 washes.

It is recommended that you wash your vest in a cold wash (35 degrees).

How do I know what size vest I should purchase?

Below is a size chart specific to the heart rate integrated GPS vest: