Fundamentals of Sport Science Online Course

SPT is proud to launch the Fundamentals of Sport Science - a self paced online training course that can help teams at all levels understand the fundamental principles of Sport Science without needing a degree!

Developed by leading Sport Scientists from Australia and the USA, the Fundamentals of Sports Science contains 2 hours of content covering 4 essential topics:

  1. Using GPS in Sports - including History of GPS, Hardware, Software and Key Metrics;

  2. Metabolic Conditioning - including Overarching Principles, General & Specific Capacity, Aerobic Capacity and Appropriate Prescription;

  3. Load Management - including Training Load 101, Training Adaptation, Internal vs External Load, Load Management and Key Metrics; and

  4. Match Day Assessments - including Understanding Context, What Information is Important, How Metrics inform Training and Athlete Benchmarking.

At the end of each module there is also a short quiz to test your knowledge of what you have learnt.

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1. What languages are the course materials available in?

At this stage the tutorials are only available in English. Additional languages will be added over time based on demand.

2. Is there a fee to access the video tutorials?

Yes - for only $100 you get access to 2 hours of valuable content.