Charging, On and Off.

Charging the GPS Device

Connect the GPS to the computer (or external power source) via the USB cable. The GPS will be charged in approximately 60 minutes. The GPS is fully charged when the battery light turns to a solid blue.


Using the GPS Device

Turn on the GPS by holding the multi function button for 1-2 seconds. The GPS is on when both the GNSS and connectivity lights are flashing together and the battery light flashes on its own.


Record a performance by securing the GPS in the SPT chest piece during physical activity. The GPS is recording data when the GNSS light turns green, the battery light turns green and the connectivity light flashes. The GPS will not be able to get a signal indoors and may have trouble next to tall buildings or under cover.



  • The GPS is low on data space when the GNSS light starts to flash.
  • The GPS is full of data space when the battery light turns red. The GPS will not record when full.

Once finished, switch the GPS off by holding the multi function button for four seconds. The GPS is off once all the lights are off.