Bridge Update & Release Notes

December 2019 (4.1.1)

  • [SPT2] Fix memory corruption when retrying SPT2 transfers
  • Fix bug when downloading in Spanish

November 2019 (4.1.0)


  • Support for paring heart rate monitors and SPT2 devices 
  • Support for updating SPT2 device firmware (late November)
  • Error pages linked to specific support sections


  • Improved support for school and university networks
  • Improved download reliability on some computers
  • Fixed support for macOS Catalina 
  • Fix bug allowing you to run the Bridge in multiple windows
  • Fixed small crashes relating to disconnected devices and network timeout issues


July 2019 (4.0.1):

  • Support customers using proxies by making sure proxy data is available in the uploader
  • Better support for slow computers
  • Retry devices several times before reporting an error
  • Bridge is now signed for Microsoft Authenticode, this will reduce security issues requiring white listing
  • Sort players alphabetically in the assignments page
  • Fix the upload progress bar to show the same value as the number
  • Fix several small crashes with device registration, devices with slashes in the nicknames, renaming disconnected devices