Bridge is stuck on "Looking for SPT devices" screen

The Bridge could be stuck in this screen when detecting for SPT devices. This happens due to the following:

  • Bridge is running on Windows
  • There are unresponsive serial ports on Windows

To troubleshoot the Bridge, the tech team might need to walk the customer through a goToMeeting session. 

  • Install CoolTerm for Windows
  • Figure out what are the unresponsive serial ports using Coolterm
  • Disable the unresponsive ports using Device Manager

Testing serial ports available on Windows

  1. For SPT1 device, turn on the device and connect to the PC.
  2. For SPT2 device, plug in the device and connect to the PC.
  3. Run CoolTerm > Options > Click Re-Scan Serial Ports button > Click Ok
  4. Connect to the serial port > Click the Connect button.
  5. In the Connection menu > Send string ...
  6. Type in $PMTK000*32
  7. This should print out an output of $PMTK001,000,3*30 on the screen
  8. CoolTerm should still be responsive.
  9. If CoolTerm has become unresponsive, take note of the port name.
  10. Do this for all the available serial ports.
  11. For all the unresponsive serial ports, we'll disable them using the Device Manager

Disabling unresponsive serial ports

  1. Bring up the device manager.
  2. Click on Ports (COM & LPT1)
  3. Given the list of unresponsive serial ports, disable each one of them.
  4. Right click on the port > Disable device

Testing Bridge

Now that the faulty serial ports are disabled, open up Bridge again and connect the device. Click on Download, this should solve the problem.