Teams explained

GameTraka was designed to allow teams to compare their players against each other and against themselves. Rather than having an account per GPS device - which will get confusing as you have to track who used which device on the day - each player should have their own account.

In the latest version of GameTraka we've made two important changes to teams:

The first (the big one) is that players aren't restricted to being in a single team. This means that you can take GameTraka to all your matches, share the results with your team-mates, and keep your data organised. You can also create and manage multiple teams, inviting players and viewing their performances on your team. You can join and create teams from the team tab in GameTraka, and if you're a manager you can invite players from the individual team page.


In this example the user players for two teams, one of which they manage, and also manages a third team.

Secondly, managers are now not necessarily players on a team. A manager can see and invite players for their team, upload performances for other players, invite and remove other managers, but will not appear in player lists and reports.

Once each player has their own account you'll be able to view the data for specific players. It doesn't matter if they only wore the GPS once in a full season, their data will always be there and will always be attributed to them.