SportsCode XML Export

SportsCode XML export:

Users can export XML format files for import directly in to chosen video analysis software platforms such as SportsCode, Dartfish and NAC Sports.

From the performance tool bar (this is located on the Team Events Page), hover over the 'Exports' button and select from your preferred export (Intervals (10sec) or Actions).


Intervals: An intervals export will allow users to display GPS metrics (as text) within video analysis software. Below is an example of GPS metrics on a video. The intervals update every 10 seconds and thus so do the GPS metrics.

The order of the metrics (for each 10 second interval) is: Total Distance, Hard Running, Zone 6m, Sprint Efforts, Top Speed and Intensity. 

If you want more information about SPT metrics, please click here.


Actions: The actions export will allow users to identify specific actions that were measured by an SPT device on their video analysis software timeline.

Hard Running Efforts, Sprint Efforts and Impacts will all appear on your timeline once the XML file has been imported.

An example image is below:


Now, all that is left to do is import the XML in to your analysis software timeline (as per software requirements).

For full video on how to upload video analysis onto GameTraka please see this link -