How do I add people to my team?

Steps to invite with email or invite code

GameTraka works best when each player in your team has their own account. You can invite people to join your teams via email, or you can give them your team's invite code, which they can then use to join your team.

Steps to invite with email or invite code:

1. Go to the teams page by selecting Teams in the top menu bar


2. Select a team you coach that you want to invite players to to go to the team page


3. On the left side of the screen is the invite players panel.


To invite players with an invitation code, copy the code (BA7LP0 in the example above) and give that to your players (at training or through Facebook). With that invite code, when the player signs up to GameTraka, they will see an area on the sign up screen to put this code into. Once they put that in and finish signing up, they will be directly put into the team. 

4. To invite players via email, click on the "Invite" button below the invite code.

A box will appear below your team information panel, enter an email address and click "Invite"


A green success message will appear, you can continue this process sending as many email invitations as you need.