Dashboard Page Explained

The Dashboard is your personal summary of activity over time or in the case of an athlete, a summary of an athletes performances over time.


The history graph allows you to assess your (or an athletes) performances over time across seven key metrics. You can click on the buttons at the bottom of the graph to show Distance, Work Rate, Hard Running, Zone 6, Top Speed, Intensity or 2D Load. Click on any of the bars to be taken to an individual performance dashboard for a detailed breakdown.

Personal Bests:

This shows your personal bests for Total Distance, Intensity, Top Speed and Zone 6. These values are updated every time you upload a performance that has a better score.


Team Selector:

You can switch between teams you play for on the dashboard with the team selector (underneath your profile picture). Selecting a team will update your performances to show your history for that team (or your personal performances).